Vanylven tourguide

Turguide til Vanylven kommune i Møre og Romsdal.
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Vanylven is 385 km2. The coast line is 95,5 kilometers. The highest spot is Blæja. It is 1142 meters over the ocean. There live 3899 people (01.01.2002). We have often bad weather because we live so near the ocean. The location of Vanylven is west in Norway. Some of us can speak Germany and English. We have mountains all allround us. You can go in the mountains if you want. Vanylven has six schools and five kindergardens. It is 507 pupils on schools in Vanylven. In the winter it is a lot of snow here, and very cold also. There is over 80 marked fotpaths in the mountains. You can buy a tourist map on the petrol stations or in the shops.




You can fish and rent a boat in Aaheim. There are rooms for rent on Aaheim Auto and Motel. On a place called “Gjestegaarden” you can rent a cabin. There is also a pub and a cafè. There they sell burgers and chips. In Aaheim you can go and see St.Jetmund church, that is made of stones. It was buildt in the 11 century. The people destroyed it in 1863, but built it up again in 1957. There is also a salmon river. You can buy a fishing card and fish salmons there. You buy the fishing cards on the petrol station. On Aaheim it is a workplace called North Cape Minerals. They have about 200 workers. They produce sand and stones. In Aaheim there are a museum with old things, called “Valborg samlinga”. There is also a sport facilty, where you can play soccer. Every year they have a soccer cup called castrol cup, and another cup called Olivin cup. The castrol cup is for children and adults.There is a indoor swimming pool at Aaheim school. There is also a soccer field made of gras on Loovold.




They have a shopping senter called “Combi”. There you can buy food.  They have rooms for rent on Statoil, Moen service station. You can walk in the mountains there. They have a shop called “Euronics”, there they sell computer`s, tv`s and that stuff. There is also a “MX sport” shop. There is also a bank.




You can go to Aaram and see second world war things like caves, ruins and canons. On Aaram they have a beach called “Sandviksanden”. Is it a beautiful beach for children and adults.There is good parking lots, and it is free to shower after you have bathed. You can also dive there.




There is a bathing spot. There is also a beautiful church. You can go in the mountains there. They also got a rifle range. There is also a soccer field of sand.




You can rent a room at “Almklov pensjonat”. In Syvde they have a high school. If we want computers and wallpaper we go to Syvde. You can go alpine skiing in Syvde. There is a skitrack there. You can go on ski from there to Aaheim. There is a indoor swimming pool.




They have to soccer fields, one of gras with a runninglane, and one of sand. It is a rifle range there. There is many mountains to go to. There is also a golffield with 9 holes.

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