World of Tanks

Facts about the online game "World of Tanks" :)
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World of tanks is an online multiplayer game. It is made by Wargaming in White Russia. You can play with other players. There are 15 players at each team.


The plot is that you are going to kill the enemy or capture their base. Every battle is about 15 min. Your character is a tank from WW 2. And every tank is in “levels” from 1 to 12. There are German, French, British, American, Chinese and soviet tanks. Your tank has a life if the enemy hit you, you will lose some life points. If you hit the enemy tank with your tank he will die if you hit him at the right point at his tank. But if you are a “spotter” you will earn some more money and xp.


You can play with clans. In clans you have to kill the enemy clan, and win the world back. In a clan there are 9 to 15 players at each clan. You starts at one place at the global map.

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