God had humour

Diskriminering av menn og deres dumheter.
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English test exam

“The creation by Michelangelo”


In this picture, God is creating Adam, who is the father of all men in the world. And as we all know, God created Adam first, and Eve as the second. And God was a spoiled little kid who got everything he pointed at. And this time, he pointed at Adam. And this only proves that God really had humour! Well think about it. How silly doesn’t men look when they are naked? With a tiny little sausage between their legs.

It’s one thing that guys can stand up peeing, but they certainly cannot aim! If they could, why are there always little yellow drops on the floor when they are done? It isn’t longer that it seems! And why can’t they learn to wash their hands when they are done peeing? No, their hands go right from the dick, and into the peanutplate. Delicious! Jummy… a whole plate of peanuts with pee as tasty accessories.


And can you please explain to me why God gave you nipples when you can’t use them?!?!?! It’s distracting!

But there is no doubt God was a man. He let you men get away with everything, while the women had to give birth, have PMS and be ugly and pregnant!


But why can you never take down the toilet seat after you have been there? Come on guys! Who do you think there is a toilet seat there in the first place? Yeas it’s because it shall look nicer to go on the toilet. You don’t want it to stand there gaping at you, don’t you?


And God certainly proved that he had humour when he made the man in a way that everybody could see when he was horny. God wanted us to laugh at the man!


And why can you men never learn to place a new roll of toilet paper? Do you really think that anybody is going to wipe their ass with the cartridge case? Do you want that yourself? I don’t think so.

And what is it about you men and your smelling socks? Do you really like the smell of them? Does it make you any cooler? Is there a competition about “who got the smelliest par of socks?” or do you think you can impress women with it? Well think it all over again.


And do you always have to wear your underwear in a week, before you even bother to change it? Man! That’s got to be sexy, right? Underwear with brown stripes of shit! It definitely turns me on! (NOT) well I guess this proves that God really had humour. I think that by an accident, he took a part of the mans brain, and places it between his legs. Well that explains why men are always thinking with/like (their) dickhead(s)!

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