Smarter or dumber?

Blir vi mennesker dummere av teknologiske nyvinninger?
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Several hundred of years ago, human beings had to do everything themselves to survive. They had to make fire to keep them warm, go hunting to gather food and learn new things by exploring and trying out things themselves. They also had to be inventive to find solutions and to create tools that made their daily life easier.


Today we do not need to exert too much to survive. We don’t even have to make fire, hunt or learn new things by trying out things ourselves. The only thing we need to do is to turn up the heat when we are cold, buy food in the market when we are hungry, and read books to learn new things. We don’t have to be inventive, because we already have everything that we need.


We keep getting new tools that make the daily life easier. The selection of transportation means have increased, and instead of horse and carriage, we now use cars, planes and trains. The mobile phone that once was the size of a pumpkin: is now similar to a thick ruler.


At the same time as the technology continues to evolve, the expectations gets higher. To be on the moon, which was once a great sensation, is now old news. The black and white TV that was a must, are now replaced with 42" flat panel display with stereo and high quality images. The first century advanced computer which was looking like a house, is now in a smaller and portable version that we can find in almost every home in Norway.


People are getting more and more dependent on technical facilities, and use a lot of time and money on them. Most young people today use the computer every single day for different purposes. Children do now watch more TV than before, and more and more choose to sit in front of the TV instead of participating in outdoor activities. Many do also spend less time on homework and instead they use the time to go online and chat, talk to people on the phone or to play Playstation.


And among other things, people now use calculators instead of the brain to figure out every little, simple calculations. The use of electronic aids has now increased a lot and something that we once thought was difficult is now no obstacle at all.


The smarter we have become, the more we have invented. The more we have invented, the dumber we have become.

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