Et leserinnlegg fra en svart jente som lever under apartheid.

Skrevet i 10. klasse.

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Hello! I am a 21 years old girl. I am black. As we all know it is apartheid in this country. It is not easy to be black. We can’t do all the things you white people can. I think it is terrible. I don’t know if I can handle it very much longer. The white people look at us in a different way. But, we are not different. Yes, we have an other color on our skin. But there the differents stops. I really hope you soon will understand that the things you do to us is wrong.


I don’t know were my family is. For a couple of weeks ago, the white came storming into our house and took my dad, mom and little sister. I was hiding in a cupboard, and they didn’t find me. It is terrible not to know were they are, or if they are still alive. I wish that I some day will meet them again. I miss then so much, and I pray for them every night.


Not everyone is bad to us who is black. I have a friend, she is white. She and her family are great. I like them a lot, but the problem is that we black are not aloud to be with the white people. We are bestfriends but it doesn’t help. We can’t meet eachothers as often as we wish. When we meet on the street, we can’t say anything to eachothers. If the white people finds out that we are friends, they are going to kill us. There is nothing we can do. Don’t you think it is terrible? I do, and I hope you do to. It is not fear to us. We haven’t done anything wrong. You can’t punish us for nothing. But that is what you do.


Yesterday I was out for a walk. I met some boys. They stopped me, and called me some horrible things. I couldn’t belive it. They were just 12 years. They stopped me, a 21 years old girl, and called me things. I went on, and the boys followed me. After a few blocks they started to shout at me. At first I didn’t think they could do anything to me, but then they said they were going to kill me. And the reason was, of course, the color of my skin. The boys started to run after me. I was scared to death. I ran as fast as I could. At last the boys gave up. I was so tired, that when I came home I just laid down on the bed and didn’t wake up until the next day. This time I was lucky. The boys were slower than me, and that saved me. Next time they might be faster, and then I am dead!


I hope this letter will open up your eyes so you can see that apartheid is wrong. It is not just me who have it like this. All the black people who live in countries with apartheid. I know that it is some white people who also think this is wrong. But they are not brave enough to do something at their own. So you white people who think this is wrong have to go together and do something to stop this. Because they don’t listen to us. We have tried for a long time, without success.

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