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Dear Editor,

All over the world, people do unforgivable things every day. One of them is crime. One of the worst crimes you can do is to kill somebody. That is inexcusable!


The relatives of the murdered man always want the heavy punishment. And some states in the United States have the capital punishment. Does the murderer deserve to be sentenced to death? Hasn’t he a right to live? Does he pay for what he did, if he pays with his life? What about the executors, do they become murderers if they execute someone? This is questions we all can ask our self. But in my opinion, they don’t become murders. It’s their job, but there are better jobs in the world!


If your own child were killed by a man, you want the heavy penalty for him of course. He killed your child! But if we see it from another angle: your son killed someone. What do you do? You don’t want him to die in the electrical chair or by a lethal injection? Do you? Think about it!


What about the poor judges? They are needed to be a cold fish, and keep a straight face all day. It isn’t easy! And the mothers around in America hate the judges, because they sentenced their kid to death.      


The capital punishment is a very difficult penalty. When a man has killed a lot of people, and are being called a serial killer, it may be safer to have him executed, who knows, if he is in prison, he can escape, and he is unsafe, but if he is executed, he will never ever be dangerous again! What about a rapist? Does he deserve to die? No, he doesn’t. He deserves a lot of years in prison, but not the death penalty.


As far as I’m concerned, serial killers and rapists, who kill their victim afterwards, should get the capital punishment. Murderers that have killed once should be sentenced to prison until they die. Or at least many years!


Is it good or bad that 38 states in the US have the death penalty? It’s both good and bad. Like I said, the worst criminals should get it. All the questions which are mentioned over, each of us should think about. Is it right? It’s not easy. We want the best for our own friends or relatives, even if they are the black sheep of the family, but we want the worst for others! It’s terrible. But this is Earth! It has always been like this, and it always will!



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