Our new multi-cultural world

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Multi-cultural simply means a good mix of cultures in one place, will it be a person or the environment he lives in. Most countries are multi-cultural these days because of immigration. Mixing cultures has not always been a success, but most of the time it works without too many problems.


You could say it is like a trend, some countries need these multi-cultural settings for their hometown to work. Multi-cultural places are becoming quite normal; we can even see it as we take a walk into the streets. Houses and buildings are inspired by Chinese culture, people are driving American cars, foreign people have moved into the house next doors and you might even find yourself driving to work listening to music that origins from a country you have never heard of. You do not have to walk very far to find traces of another culture. The multi-cultural societies are a direct cause of the large globalization that has been ongoing for the last few years. Some might say that the new cultures that are settling down in our towns across the country are a blessing for us. It is in fact somewhat true, but there are several people standing on theirs and fighting against the globalization.


The last few years the globalization has mixed countries and cultures into each other. EU is a huge part of it; they are working for free flow of currency, labour, service and goods here in Europe. With a free flow of labour, anyone can move into our country and work for us. You can not say no to an extra employer or a thousand, if you need that many. But it is not only their power of labour they bring with them when they move here, they bring their country too in one way or another. There are several upsides of this, but there are also a few downsides of course. Racism has always been a huge factor against globalization and multi-cultural societies. The racism today works against our new immigrants, it slows down their integration. They sometimes have hard times finding jobs just because of their background. Recently two days ago we had this story about Ashid who had major difficulties getting a job, so he tried to apply under the name of Steven. No surprise, he got a job. This surely is against the law, as the law says you have to accept those who have the best education and application to do the job. The immigrants seems to be people who do not give up at least, it is hard to adapt to a different culture while still preserving your own. The racism is not the only problem we face by having multi-cultures, immigration and the globalization. Some immigrants work for 50% of what our normal salary is. This makes it hard for English companies to stay within reasonable competition without actually hiring the cheap labour themselves. This will have a direct influence on the price, who would not buy the same product for half the price? Multi-cultural citied and towns wont have room for every single culture there is, so another downside is that some cultures will slowly wash out.


Whilst the negative sides might look like a reason why not to have multi-cultural societies, the positive sides are just as big. For instance we all love our cars, but not many of them are produced by ourselves, we are driving American, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish and Canadian cars. The large SUVs are not originally a part of the British culture. The SUVs barely fit into our narrow streets; still we love the looks of them and try to keep them as shiny as possible. And as a rich football player you like your quick and ferocious looking Japanese car. We did not invent the Japanese cars, they are not called Japanese for the fun of it. They are actually made by Japanese companies. This largely contributes to the culture, it makes it more versatile. How boring would it not be if there only was one brand of cars in England? The food is worth mentioning too. It came along with the cultures immigrants brought with them, and without these immigrants we would not have these large groceries with food from all over the world. Tacos, pizzas, meatballs and kebabs in England are all a result of multi-cultural society. Immigration and integration of foreign people with other cultures might help us understand and accept them easier. Modern technology has also helped us understand better, TV, newspapers and the internet keeps us up to date on problems in other cultures and gives us ways to help them in a more reasonable way then before.


All in all I believe we have good use of our new countrymen and that we should welcome them with open arms. They are hard workers, they bring us new cultures and all that follows, and they help us get political connections with other countries. Connections that will help us solve bigger problems such as wars, questions regarding global warming and futuristic energy sources.

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