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We live in one of the worlds richest countries; Norway. Norway witch has a lot of oil. Oil for millions of dollars.


Africa, one of the worlds poorest continents. Full of hunger and disease. What can we do to help? We give money to organizations, but does it help? We still see people who are dying and fatally ill. We are living in the 21st century people! With robots and atomic bombs for millions. Still, there are people who die from hunger. It’s crazy! Who is the scapegoat? I have to say that I am one of them. I am one of those who buy shoes for a lot of money. Shoes that a poor Chinese man made for a dollar an hour. One of them who expects food on the table every day and throws milk that had been expired for a day. We take everything for granted, food, health and freedom. Not everybody has that.


We are lucky, but we are still complaining. It’s unfair. The world is so unfair. It’s terrible to see thin children on TV. Imagine Christmas Eve. Eating pork rib and potatoes. You have eaten too much, but there’s still plenty left. I think of children who go hungry to bed, but do they even have a bed? I wonder what will happen to Norway when the oil is gone. Will Norway be poorer? What will happen to the inhabitants that are used to spend a lot? And what will the world look like when we have used everything that can be used? Will the world look like the Sahara after that we have destroyed the ozone layer or will it look like the cold and lifeless desert Gobi? I think we need to care for each other and treat others like fellow beings. Like I said, we take everything for granted. We forget to thank for everything we have. I am very grateful for what I have, and I hope that someday and somehow the world will be a better place to live.

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