The death penalty

Et leserinnlegg om dødsstraffen i USA.

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Some night ago I watched a mouvie called "The Green Mile". It is a film aboute inmates waithing for their execute. I am totally against the deth penalty because it`s a horrible way to end a life. To sit in prison for many years, just waiting for the execute. I can not belive that this still goes on in 38 oute of 50 states in the USA, 24 of them allow a death penalty for crimes comitted under the age of 18. This was written in The Amnesty raport in 1998. The Amnesty International opposes the death penalty.


I am against death penalty because I have no faith in the law system. The reason for this is that the system is made by humans, and humas make mistakes, all the time. So who gives us the right to kill a man by lethal injection, just because he made one mistake? Mabe he regrets it, and if so, he should not pay with his life. He should dedikate his life to think over his crime, in a life long sentens in prison.


Since 1976 there har been 232 executed in Texas in USA. There have been 56 executions in the USA last year, and there will be many more if we dont do something about this.


I can not understand why anyone could put the lethal injection on a person!? The law says that serving a sentence is a method to use so people will have a chance to change, but wath does death penalty then tell us? That the human kind is unable to change? No, killing is wrong and we got to stop it.


I am going to end my opinion on the death penalty by quoting something that was said in The Green Mile:


"...Killing is wrong, whether it`s me, you or someone else who are doing it..."



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