Where is the love?

Denne oppgaven var å skrive om sangen til The Black Eyed Peace - Where is the love?, til ett brev "to the editor" i en avis. Jeg ble ikke ferdig, men lærerene synes den var knallbra.

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To the editor.


The world is changed. I can feel it in the water. I can smell it in the air. There is something wrong with the world today because some children are living without their mothers. I am talking about the war. I think the whole world is addicted to the drama and only attracted to the things that will bring the trauma. People are trying to stop the terrorism, but we still got terrorists here. In the USA. We are acting like the big CIA, but for what? To keep the terrorists? I am sure that the government are not trying their best to make them leave the country.


There are some other problems as well. When can people start to love other races when they only love themselves? That only leaves the space to discriminate and that only generates hate. Madness is what you demonstrate, and we sure got a lot of that in the world today. Just have a look at the suicide bombers. In the way that they demonstrate, gives a lot of new ideas to the children that comes after us. When is it going to stop? Or the real question is: is it really going to stop some day? And that is exactly how the angle works and operates. When you look at the people today, people who live in a war filled country, you can see in their eyes that they are scared. Scared of what the next day will bring. New bombs? A day without food? They have already experienced it, but it will be repeating it selves until the governments have reached an agreement. You need love just to set it straight. Love for your people. Take control over your mind and meditate. Maybe you would be able to see the situation today from an other angle. Let your soul gravitate to the love.


People are killing each other and people are dying. Not from aging, but from assassination. Children are hurt, and you can hear them crying for losing an arm or leg, or because of their parents just died in a bomb-explosion. In the world today you have to options: You can practice what you preach or would you turn the other cheek. Use a while to think over those to options. You can practise what you learn on television when you were a little kid; war is all over, and it is nothing wrong with that. Or you can never care at all and turn the other cheek. It will happen anyway. Father help us. Send some guidance from above, because the world will kill itself before we get to straighten things up and rebuilt the world. These people, who loves war and racism, got me questioning: Where is the love? It is gone...


It is not the same any more. All the ways of change. A happy and free world does not exist, at least not any more. New days are strange. Just think of the suicide-bombers. There is no dignity in death, to sell the world your last breath.

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