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Williams’s father and brother died fighting against the Englishmen when he was a little child. He was taken care of by his uncle and travelled around Europe with him until he was about 20 years old. Then he returned to his home place where William fell in love with a girl called Murron, and they got married in secret. They kept it secret because Longshanks gave all the English nobles the right to rape all new-married women before the husband could touch them, and William didn’t want to share Murron with any English noble. Unfortunately Murron almost got raped, and then killed by the English soldiers. William, with revenge in mind, attacked the English soldiers. He and the rest of the village managed to kill all the soldiers.


William created an army, and they fought against the Englishmen. They won, and William got the title Sir for his work. They burned down York, and took over the city. They did also send the head from the dead master of York to the Longshanks. King Edward of England sends his son’s wife, Princess Isabella, to York to give William an offer he couldn’t refuse; money and land.


William and his army went back to Scotland to prepare themselves for a new battle. When they came to the battlefield, the nobles abandoned William and his army alone with the Englishmen. They lost, but William survived.


Later William get caught and executed, and the last word hi said before hi died was FREEDOM!

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