Chicken run

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1) The film is about a chickens farm where the chickens try to escape because they are badly treate. they have to lay eggs each day which the owners of the farm sell to make their living, and if a chicken failss to lay an egg, it is killed. Ginger has many plans to escape, but they always fail because the other chickens have problems cooperating One of days a male chicken (rocky) accidentally dropped into Mr. Tweedy`s farm. Now all the chickens believe that he could fly because it lokked like hw was flying, when he entered the farm. They begged him to teach them how to fly, and and in return they are going to hide him from circus people.But in the end he kind of tells them that hecant`t fly and leaves.


Meanwhile Ginger gets another plan, that they can make aeroplane out of their chicken huts. On the other hand Mrs. Tweedy has bought a machine which makes chicken pies. In the end they succeed and escape. Rocky comes back to help them and everything turns out to be perfect, at least for the chickens.


2) I liked the chicken that knits because she is quiet funny. She doesn`t understand anything, and she asks stupid question and she makes funny sugggestions.


3) The scene which i think was most exiting is, where the chickens are about to escape beacuse we don`t know if they are going to make it or not and which conflicts are waiting them.


4) The funniest scene was, where they start throwing mud at each other and blamning each other for all the wrong reasons. I liked it beacause it was funny to watch a bunch of chickens acting the way they were.


5) The means with the film were: Never give up before you have tryed.


6) I think that there was heroes and heroine in this film, because they help each other and they showed us, how to never give up.

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