Coach Carter

Et filmreferat av "Coach Carter", som er basert på en sann historie.

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Title: Coach Carter

Director: Thomas Carter

Published: 2003

Length: 2h and 11min.


It is really unexplained the way this coach did this. The film is based on a true story where everything begins on the streets and ends up with success for a basketball team. Coach ken carter benches his undefeated team Richmond oilers due to bad academical results. This was a problem for everyone in the small city and it made big headlines. The team that never before had won a basketball ball game became one of the best basketball teams in the state but the head coach stops it all.


Coach Ken Carter is a special person in the movie. Describing him is like characterizing a commander in the army. He is very strict against his team. He has a good confidence, and of course he believes on himself and his team. As a coach he is very different compared to other coaches. He is very rough too when he coaches the players, even if the way he coaches is surprising different. The basketball team is a local group and as soon as possible, coach carter makes them to a popular winning team. There is a reason to be afraid for a big, skinned, record holding basketball player. By the way the head coach is a perfect example to be what he is.


The head coach is offered a part time job, where he earn 1500 dollars for a basketball season to coach the local basketball team Richmond oilers which is a team with bad results every season. The job is accepted particularly because coach ken carter holds unbroken records here and it is his old high school.


Ken starts the guiding to success for Richmond oilers which take place in Richmond city in California in USA. He introduces new rules, also a new contract where every player on the team have to accept. This contract includes that every player on the team must maintain good academical results. The future basketball stars and top students have to take part in classes to study and must sit in the front row. On basketball game days they have to wear jacket and ties. Two top players from Richmond oilers do not agree with Coach Carter and leaves the first basketball practice. Thinking about the situation and consequences, they return later. In a period of 2-3 days ken carter’s son wants to change team from St. Francis to Richmond. Actually he persuades his father to get allowed to change team and high school, and that is amazing how he do that, even though his dad has said no every time. Almost every player on the team fails to follow the contract, even if the coach treats them like they where a military soldier. One of the player deals with drugs and later he regret why he did something like this when his partner gets killed. The majority on the team hangs out at the clubs on night, spend more time with their girls which reduces the academical results extremely. Coach Ken carter closes the playground doors and this makes headlines all over the state. He wants his basketball players to get good results at high school, even they do such thing like this. However, his thought succeeds. Richmond oilers continue the win series while keeping good academic results and a good point average, which makes the end of the movie.


As I mentioned earlier, is this film based on a true story. I liked that the basketball team improved extremely, and the way they made it. They where bad guys in start and made themselves to good guys, with a helping hand from Coach Carter. I am even surprised that this has happen in reality.


Such situations in the film like drugs dealing, bad behavior, violence and bad high school academical results, will affect people in the ages from 8-13,14. That is because in this age, some moments like this will appear. Younger people will not understand and people who are older is opposite. My decision is that this is a film for a family where new things can be learn, like that sport or school alone is not important, but both of them together are. Even I recommend for a family, I will put a limit for the age too. According to my opinion is that 11,12 years old is the minimum age. Good reasons can be how to succeed with a basketball team as you succeed at school too, while enjoying your life. Bad reasons can be street crimes, disappointing society, and behavior. That is why I am giving the film a 4 on a scale from 1-6.

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