Filmomtale: "Of Mice And Men"

Omtale av filmen "Of Mice and Men".

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John Steinbecks (Nobel Prize winner in 1962) story, “Of Mice and Men”, has now been made into a film, with the same name as the book. The plot is about two migrant workers, George Milton (Gary Sinise) and Lennie Small (John Malkovich), who are travelling from farm to farm, trying to get work. Lennie is strong as a bull, and unfortunately also mentally retarded, so he does not know his own strenght. This often results in killing small cute animals, when he is trying to pet them. Lennies relatives are all gone, so George need to take care of him. One they they get hired, and they are sent off to work at the Tyler  Ranch. You might think that they fits well together as persons. George with his intelligence, and Lennie does a lot of work. They hook up with an old man, Candy (Red Waltson), and together they start saving money so that they can buy their own place, a place to call home. But many problems occurs...


Of Mice and Men is an old-fashioned film in the best possible sense. The movie is very well made with fine performances by all the actors. The screenplay adaption was written by Academy Award  winning screen writer Horton Foote. I think the movie was really greate, because it showed the Californian countryside during the depression era of the United States in a very realistic way. If you like a good story, or liked the book, this is a must see.




Lennie    -   John Malkovich

George   -   Gary Sinise

Candy    -    Red Waltson


Produced by   : Russ Smith and Gary Sinise

Age                 : 15 years and over.

Prod. Year      : 1992

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