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It is in 1898, and the Fantom is starting a war.

He has developed new weapons and tanks, and is trying to be at the head of it.

A loyalist to her Majesty`s Empireis sent to fetch Allan Quartermain, a famous adventurer well known for his shooting skills, so that he could stop the Fantom. He is in Africa hunting.

At the first time he does not want to go, but then some soldiers of the Fantom appears, trying to kill him. Allan “takes care” of  them, but one of them escapes.

Allan goes after him with wis rifle, and shoots him from long range.

Luckily for him. One of the Fantom`s guys planted a bomb in his house, and it blows up.

Then he decides to go.


Back in London, he meets M, the british defence boss, wich briefs him on his mission.

He will bring together a group of extraordinary people. The League.

M has already found four of them. Mina Harker (a vimpiress), Rodney Skinner (an invisible man), Tom Sawyer (a British secret agent), and Captain Nemo (a pirate).

Rodney has to put special cream in his face if he wants to be seen.

Allan and the other, goes to Dorian Gray`s house to pick him up.

Dorian, wich is an immortal, goes with them.

Afterwards they search the streets in London looking for Dr. Jekyll, a scientist who has developed a chemical drink, wich makes him to a monster kalled Mr. Hyde.

Allan and Tom finds him at last, and they catch him and brings him to Captain Nemo`s extraordinary submarine, the Nautilus.

The League is complete and they are now going to Venice, Italy, to stop the Fantom.

On the way, Allan learns Tom how to shoot. Some strange things happens.

The invisible man and one of Dr. Jekyll`s drinks disappear.


When they arrive in Venice, they search the streets for bombs but no luck.

The explosions are about to begin.

There are many bombs that are linked together like a chain, and blows one by one.

Nemo figures out a way to stop them. By blowing up a bomb longer ahed in the chain than the explosions are, he could stop the bombs.


Tom Sawyer takes Nemo`s special car, and shoots up a bullet of a sign-pistol, where the bomb they have to take out, is. Nemo, onboard the Nautilus, shoots up a rocket and hits the bomb.

The bomb-chain stops and wenice are saved. Allan are still on the streets, and soon he spots the Fantom. He runs to a graveyard-likely place. Allan follows him, and takes off his mask.

Believe it or not. The guy behind the mask is M. Allan takes him and is going to bring him to the Nautilus. But then he escapes. Allan tries to catch up with him, but he is lost in the crowd.

He returns to the ship. Everyone is going to go onboard the ship when they descover that Dorian is gone. Where is could nhe be?. Soon they knew the answer.

The Nautilus had another, little submarine in its side, shaped like a half ball.

He had got into it and was now escaping. The Nautilius tried to follow, but it had more trouble getting fast out to open sea, so they lost him.


The League doesn't know what to do, but after a day they receive a morse message.

It is from Skinner. He had gotten with Dorian in the little submarine.

Dorian had not noticed him and he was now in the Fantoms/M`s headquarter, spying on him.

The reason that Dorian had betrade them was to get his picture back.

When he was young, he painted a self-portrait, and wished that the picture would be older, not him. Somehow the wish came true, and Dorian wanted his picture back to have full control, so no one would damage it. M had the picture and Dorians mission was simple.

He had to take blood from the Vampiress, and the invisible man, and steal one of Dr. Jekyll`s drinks. M would then force scientist`s to find out what it was made of, and produce it to M`s soldiers. Rodney also told that the Fantom was building tanks and war equipment, and that they had to come. The Nautilius soon began to head for the south pole, where the headquarter was. When they arrived, they figured out a plan.

Rodney would go around planting bombs. Allan and Tom would take out M, while Mina should destroy Dorian`s picture.

The plan goes almost well and Dorian and M were killed.

Unfortunately Allan dies while trying to take out M.

After the rest of The Leaguen escapes, the factory blows up, and M`s time is over.

The good has won over the evil and the world is saved.


My opinion

I liked the movie. I enjoyed all the special effects and the explosion sceens.

The film is very unlikely, but that makes it even better.

The League is a movie I will watch again.

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