Forrest Gump - a glimpse of American History

Sammendrag av filmen Forrest Gump.
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Forrest Gump is a film about a mans life, and all the good things and bad things he goes threw. It all stats whit Forrest sitting on a bus stop telling his life story to people sitting there.


He stats talking about his childhood. He tells them about his mother takes him to the doctors and they tell him that he has a crooked back. So he has to wear some kind of metal on his legs. For that he gets tease by the other kids. He also gets told that he has a very low IQ. He meets Jenny, how becomes his best friend. Over the years he gets very lucky. Forrest is a very fast runner, so he gets to join the football team in collage. When he has finished collage, he joins the army. He dose it really well in the army, and gets sent of to Vietnam. While he is in Vietnam whit is friend Bubba, he meets the officer, and hits it of whit him. When they get  bombed by the Vietnamese army, he helps all of the remnants of the American army, Forrest gets the honour medal. When he lies in recovery room after been shot in the but, he gets really good at ping pong. He joins the national team fore ping pong. So he travel all over and plays all around the world.


When Forrest gets to Washington D.C to receive the honour medal, he sees his long lost friend Jenny who he haven’t seen since collage. She has become a hippie, and dose drugs, and is a prostitute. Forrest don’t know all this. Also he meets his officer in the army, and he is now poor, and in a wheelchair, because of the damage from the war. He is angry at Forrest for saving him, he wanted to die in the war as a hero.


When Bubba dies in the Vietnam war, Forrest made a promise to start a shrimp boat. He dose. He purchase a boat and starts a shrimp boat business. After a while the officer from the army joins Forrest in the shrimp business. They make a LOT of money. Then after the officer decided to leave, he sold the business, and moved back home to his deadly sick mother. After his mother died, he lived alone in the house. Then one day Jenny turn up. They live in happiness fore a while. Forrest wants to marry Jenny but she don’t want to. Then after making love to Forrest, she leaves. Forrest gets really upset and decided to start running. He runs all over the USA fore 3 years, and people see him on TV and in the newspapers. Including jenny. She write her a letter telling him to come see her.


Then the woman on the bus stop, who is listening to his life story, tells him that he do not have to take that bus to Jenny’s house. He runs down a few blocks, and there he is. Jenny gets really happy to see him. He introduce him to her son, how is also Forrest son. When Forrest hear this he gets really exited. Then Jenny tells Forrest that she is sick. All three move back to Forrest house in the country, where Jenny and Forrest gets married. Some time later, she die.


Forrest junior is a really smart boy. And Forrest and Forrest junior live happily ever after.

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