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Alice was a 15-year old girl who wrote a diary. In her diary she described her life, day-to-day, and one of the things she wrote about was a visit at her grandparent’s house.


Alice was visiting her grandparents in the town where she used to live herself. Her old friends were not at home, so she was bored while she staid in her old hometown. But the opposite of boring would later happen, because Jill, a girl she hardly knew invited her to a party. Alice cheered up and was immediately more enthusiastic about her stay at her grandparent’s place.


When she arrived to the party, everyone was so relaxed, friendly and laid back, that it was easy to talk to them. Alice felt at home. It felt incredible for her to talk to someone so freely. She thought it was a good atmosphere and she had the feeling of belonging.


After a while Jill and a boy brought a tray of coke into the living room. Everyone stopped talking and moved towards the tray and sat down in a circle around it. They all took a cup. Alice didn’t want to be noticed so she took a cup too. It was tension and excitement in the air and everyone looked at each other nervously.  Alice took a sip together with the rest. She started sweating and feeling sick, feeling poisoned. She realised somebody was trying to poison her. As if that wasn’t enough someone strangled her, suffocated her. But it was only a boy who had put his arm around her. When she realised that, she could hear him speak in slow-motion kind of-way. Alice rested her head on the boy’s lap. She could now see patterns on the ceiling. Patterns in all shapes, sizes and colours. She gazed at them for minutes as the patterns would change in every 5 seconds or so. The ceiling was the most beautiful, breathtaking she had ever seen. She wanted to show and tell the other kids about all these fabulous, amazing decorations on the ceiling, but she couldn’t speak. All that came out was wet and mumbling words that nobody could understand.


After what seemed like eternities Alice found herself again. She came down to the ground again. To make sure Alice wouldn’t get lost, Jill walked her home. On the way she explained the reason that Alice was acting all crazy. 10 of 14 cups had LSD in them.


In bed Alice thought about her experience. She had a blast, and the drug made her satisfied, but she said she would never do it again. She had heard too many frightening stories about drugs before.

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