Go Ask Alice

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Go Ask Alice is a real life story (DIARY) about a girl who is visiting her grandparents and she gets asked to a party by Jill, a girl she vaguely knows. She is thrilled and exited and she is looking forward to the party.


When she gets to the party, Jill says that they are going to play “Button, button, who’s got the button” and 10 out of 14 drinks of coke contain trays of LSD.

She is one of the “lucky” ones, and she gets the “LSD COKE”.

She gets kind of weird and is seeing great fields of red, blues and yellows.

And she went to bed in a kind of seasick type of sleeping with a slight head ache.


Alice asks Jill what happened last night, and she says that it was LSD in the coke. Alice says to herself that she will never try any drugs again, but she also thinks that it was so nice last night. So she figures if she is hinting a bit around with Jill, Jill will se that she wants to try pot, and then she can forget the whole drug setup and never try it again. But the drug thing, how ever wasn’t that dangerous she thought.

So now she is really looking forward to try pot.


She didn’t manage to never try drugs after she had tried out pot, because she got kind of addicted to the drugs, and then she meets a new friend named Chris. One day Chris dials Alice and wants her to come over to her house, when she gets there, she goes into Chris room and smells that wonderful smell, and she then dials her mother back and says that Chris feels a bit depressed and is spending the night over at her house. They smoke and talk for a long time.


They run away from home and gets high!! She does this many times, and every time she says to herself that this is the last time. But now she was sure she could manage it.


This wasn’t exactly true.


One day her parents came home from work and found her in the living room DEAD by an .O.D. (over dose).

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