Gulliver's Travels

Et kort engelsk sammendrag av filmen Gulliver's Travels.
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Lemuel comes home after eight years at the sea and finds out that he got a son, with his wife Mary.


Unfortunately, Mary is together with Dr.Bates. He starts to tell about the years at the sea. Dr. Bates and Mary think that he is mentally deranged. Dr. Bates drives him an evening to a house for crazy people. Lemuel has been a giant in a country where it is small people, a small person where it is giant, came to a island as floats in the air, Laputa, and more exciting adventure.


The son Thomas belives on the things he had said when he finds the little sheep in Lemuels bag. When Lemuel comes to the listeningroom, Dr. Bates and Mary there with many other people there. Just Mary starts to belive him. Suddenly, Thomas comes and shows the doctors the small sheep. He tried to convinced them and succeed. Finnaly, Mary, Lemuel and Thomas became again a family with the little sheep and two horses.

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