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The book ‘’Holes’’ is an adventure based novel from 1998 written by the well known American writer Louis Sachar. The book has won two prizes, in 1999 the Newberry medal, and in 1998 the ‘’National book award for young people’s literature’’.


The novel is an adventure and were first published in 1998 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux.


The main character is Stanley Yelnats, a overweight white boy. He is from a poor family and lives with his father and his mother. His father is somewhat a inventor but not very succesfull at the time. Stanley is living what seems a normal life, except that he is being bullied due to his overweight and has no friends. He is sent to Camp Green lake after a pair of sneaker accidentally hit him in the head, and he was accused for stealing them. The sneakers belonging to the famous baseball player Clyde Livingstone were being sold at an auction at a shelter for homeless.


Hector Zeroni is called ‘’Zero’’ as the other boys in the camp comprehend him as nothing. He can nor write or read, and has got no parents, as his mom left him at young age and his father isn’t mentioned. Hector is Stanley’s one and only friend, and vice versa.

The story takes place in Camp Green Lake in Texas, who once was a big town until the lake dried up. The boys are sent here for committing crimes etc. They are told they are here to build their character, and it is done by digging holes. They are to dig one hole each day, but if the warden think she’s finding a treasure they dig until they find it.

Stanley was given two choices by the jugde, to go to jail, or go to Camp Green Lake. He decided to go to the camp, because he was afraid of jail, and had never been to a camp before.

Stanley was assigned to tent D. The first day Stanley mets his new fellow prisoners: X-Ray, Armpit, Zigzag, Magnet, Squid and Zero. The prisoners in tent D had their own littgle hierfarchy and their own rules, and Stanley had to follow the rules if he wanted to make it through his sentenche. First day of digging, Stanley found out that X-Ray was thge leader of ‘’Tent D’’.


After  days of hard digging Stanley found a gold tube with KB scratched in it. Mr.Pendanski had earlier told Stanley that if he found something that could be  worthy in his hole he hasd to report to Mr.Sir or Mr.Pendanski, and Stanley would get a day off and a double shower. But Stanley gave it to X-Ray because X-Ray told him before that if he foound something he would give it to him. X-Ray explained to Stanleyd that he deserved a day off and dousble shower more than Stanley did, because he had been at Camp almost a year, and Stanley just some days. Stanley gave the golden tube to the X-Ray, just to avoid a fight with X-Ray. Stanley got suspicious about whole digging thing, and thought that they were digging for something, maybe a treasure or shomething.


Stanley gove the tube to X-Ray as a part of the deal, and X-Ray finally got his day off. It wasn’t smart because the Wdarden got her mind on that their maybe could lay a treasure where he found the gold tube, and demands them to dig where he found it. They dig andd dig but can’t find a thing.


Stanley found a best friend, Zero. After a while Stanley agrees on a deal with Zero that Stanley could learn Zero to read and Zhero could dig a part of his hole every day. Through this deal they builda friendship. Zero told Stanley that he was the one to steal the sneakers, as he were poor and needing at the time.


The other boys got very jelly that Zero dug a aprt in Stanley's hole. A fight breaks out with Stanley and Zigzag. Zero supported Stanley. Pendanski stops the fight and starts to tease Zero, who had enough and smashed Pendanski with his shovel. Zero freaked out and ran in to the gdesert. The owners  got very mad and deleted his file making it look like Zero never actually was at the camp. Stanley got  confused and thought that the thing was his  fault. He dicaed to steal the truck but crashed up in a hole. Stanley left the truck and ran into the desert. After a  whikle of walk Stanley found zero lying under a boat. Zero had eaten gjars with old peaches to survive. They managed to get to the big thumb which Stanley had glimpsed earlier. Stanley had a feeling that it would provide them with water at the top. Before they left the ship Stanley told zero that he has very bad luck. When they reach the thumb Stanley has to carry zero up, which breaks the curse which his ancestors made. They survived on onions, which later protected them against lizards, because they hate onion.


They found a bag with diamonds and jewels, and they got to go home.

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