In the name of the father

Filmreferat fra "In the name of the father".

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The movie’s about the conflict between the Catholics in Eire (The Republic of Ireland) and the Protestants in Ulster (Northern Ireland) and in England.


The main character is an Irish man called Gerry Conlon and all his family and friends. Especially his old friend from high school, Paul Hill. After Gerry has gotten into a lot of trouble in Belfast he decides to travel to London where he stays with some old friends who lives there.


One day when Paul and Gerry are at the wrong place at the wrong time, a bomb goes of and Gerry and Paul get arrested even though they haven’t done it. But the police use violence and threats to make them confess to have blown up the place. They confess and in court they are sentenced to life time in jail. Gerry’s father gets15 years behind bars and almost Gerry’s whole family has to go to jail for something they hadn’t done. Gerry’s father also dies in jail. And after his death Gerry starts his fight for justice and getting out of jail. Later a female lawyer called Gareth Pierce finds evidence which proves their innocence and in court they all get their freedom back.


This is a true story and I think the police and the judges all should get fired and imprisoned because of the way they treated that case. No one deserves to go to jail for something they haven’t done. I personally liked the film and I think it was really sad when Gerry’s father died.

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