"Mathilda" (R. Dahl)

Sammendrag av den engelske boka Mathilda av Roald Dahl.
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Every afternoon when her father was on job and her mother on bingo Mathilda was alone. She loved to read and one day she went to the library and sat in an armchair reading, and she soon found out that she could borrow books home.


When Mathilda was 6 she started school, her teacher Miss Honey found out that Mathilda was unbelievably smart, she could read, do maths and spell. Miss Honey wanted to move Mathilda up in the school system and went to see the Trunchbull. But Miss Trunchbull was very mean and said no.


But Mathilda had another gift. She could move things by only using her eyes. Miss Honey and Mathilda became very good friends and one day Miss Honey decided to show Mathilda her house. Miss Honey lived in a little cottage and had almost no furniture at all. And she had an amazing story to tell Mathilda. The Trunchbull was Miss Honey’s aunt and when Miss Honey’s dad died she got the house, money and Miss Honey had to be her servant. When Mathilda heard this story she made up a plan. With just a little help by her eyes she was going to help Miss Honey to get her house back.


One day at school when Mathilda’s class had Miss Trunchbull Mathilda put her plan into action, she used her eyes to make a calk write on the blackboard she had to give Miss Honey back her money. And surprisingly enough she did. And Miss Honey got to live in the house she grew up in.


But Mathilda suddenly had to move to Spain because his father cheated on the car’s he was selling. But Mathilda got to stay whit Miss Honey in her house. And they lived happily ever after.

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