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Det handler om sønnen til den avdøde kongen av Danmark.
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Hamlet was the son of the dead king of Denmark. His mother’s name is Gertrude. She married Claudius, the dead king’s brother, just two months after her husband died.

Hamlet loved his dead father and was very sad at his death. His mother made him even more unhappy when she married his dad’s brother. “Why has my mother so soon forgotten my father?” he thought. “He was such a god husband to her, and such a god father to me”.

His mother was very worried about him and tried to let him think of other things. But neither Hamlet’s mother nor Claudius could do anything to make Hamlet happy again. He felt angry that his mother should marry a man as evil as his uncle.


Horatio, Hamlets friend, came to him and told him that he have seen the spirit of his father-the dead king.

”My father’s ghost?” Hamlet thought “Something is wrong. Evil can’t be hidden. When night comes, I’ll know”.


When the night came, Hamlet went to the castle were the ghost of his father have been seen. When he saw his father’s ghost, he asked why he has come and what they should do to help him. Then the ghost wanted to speak to Hamlet alone.

As soon as Hamlet and the ghost were alone, the ghost spoke, “I am the ghost of your father. I must walk in the night until the wrongs done while I was alive, are set right. Listen! Claudius murdered me. When I was sleeping poured poisonous liquid into my ears and caused my death. He murdered me, and then he took my crown and my queen. And now he is the king of Denmark! Evil must be paid for! He must die!”

Hamlet promised to do what the ghost told him to do. He didn’t even tell his best friend what had happened.


Claudius sent two of Hamlets friends to find out the reason for Hamlets strange ways. Hamlet told them that it was because he has lost all his joy in the beauty of the earth and the sky. The two friends told him to come to the play in the castle. They thought that would pleas him.

Soon the actors arrived, Hamlet was very pleased to see them. Suddenly he thought of a plan. ”I’ll ask the actors to act a story which is like the death of my father. I’ll ask Claudius to see the play and see what he himself did.

That evening Hamlet met Horatio. He said to his old friend “Watch Claudius carefully during the play. Watch his face”.


The play began, and after a while Claudius stood up. He could bear no more of the play-it was so much like the way he have killed his own brother. He stopped the play and now hamlet was certain that his uncle had killed his father. All he had to do now was to kill Claudius as the ghost told him to do.


The queen sent a servant to Hamlet asking him to go to her room. While he was on his way to his mother, he saw Claudius kneeling and praying. He could kill him now, but he didn’t because he was praying.


Polonius was hiding behind a certain in the queen’s room. He had promised Claudius that he would hide and listen to everything Hamlet said. The queen knew that Polonius was there. The second Hamlet arrive the queen’s room, they started to argue. Suddenly the queen thought that Hamlet wanted to kill her, after she said something to her. She shouted “Help! Help!”. When Polonius heard the queens screaming he shouted from behind the curtains “Help! Help!”. Hamlet thought it was a rat, and drew his sword and struck through the curtain, then he threw his sword back the curtains and saw that had killed Polonius-the father to the woman he loved. The queen couldn’t believe what she saw.

Suddenly the ghost appeared before him. He told Hamlet to comfort his mother. The queen couldn’t understand ho he was talking to and thought he has became mad. But Hamlet told his mother ho he was talking to, and pointed at the ghost. But she couldn’t see anything, and said to Hamlet “You are mad”. “No, I’m not mad. But don’t tell Claudius what I have said to you”.      


Claudius knew something was wrong when he saw Hamlet’s mother. She told him that Hamlet is mad and that he killed Polonius. Than Claudius sent Hamlet away to England, so he could be “safe”. But Hamlet didn’t know that Claudius has sent a letter to the king of England, asking the king to kill Hamlet as soon as he reached England.

When Hamlet was at sea, he began to feel certain that Claudius had planned something evil. And he didn’t trust his to “friends” ho had come a long. So one night he got up and looked for the letter that his “friends” were carrying. When he saw that Claudius has been asking the king to kill him in the letter, he changes the names in the letter so that it asked the king to kill his to “friends”.

The next day the ship met some pirates, who attacked the ship. During the battle Hamlet jumped over to the pirate’s ship to fight. While he was there, his own ship sailed away.

The pirates were very kind to Hamlet when they find out that he was a prince. So they put him safely on shore in Denmark the next day.

When he arrived Denmark, he saw two old man digging a grave. It was Ophelia’s grave. She had been climbing on the branch, but suddenly it broke and she felt.


Hamlet saw Laertes-Ophelia’s brother, jumping wildly into Ophelia’s grave. Then he followed and shouted “I loved Ophelia more than forty thousand brothers could love her!” At once Laertes began to fight. What he didn’t know was that Claudius wanted Laertes to kill Hamlet, and so he had told Laertes lies about the way his father has been killed. So they had planned to arrange a duel whit swords between Hamlet and Laertes. Laertes wanted to be certain that he would kill Hamlet, so they also planned to put some poison on the point of his sword.

Suddenly they saw the queen lying on the floor. She had drunk some of  the poison. Right before the queen died, the queen cried “The drink the drink. It’s poison!”

Laertes fell, wounded and poisoned. Laertes told Hamlet that he had wounded him whit a poisoned sword, and he had been wounded with it too. His mother has drunk a cup of poison. And all this happened because of the king. Hamlet ran towards Claudius. “Here is the best place for a poisoned sword “He cried, as he drove the sword into the king’s heart.


Hamlet knew that he was dying, so he turned to his oldest friend-Horatio, and told him that he was dying, and to tell the world what has happened. But Horatio wanted to die too, and said there was still some poison in the cup. But Hamlet told him to stay alive and tell the story to the world-the truth. The rest is silence.

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