Save the last dance

Et kort referat av filmen ''Save the last dance''.
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Sarah`s childhood dream was to be a ballerina, but her dreams are cut short because of the sudden death of her mother. Sarah gives up on her ballet and goes to live with her dad Roy, Sarah hasn`t seen her father for a very long time. Sarah`s father Roy lives in a ghetto area, and Sarah has to go to a school where there are very few white people. Sarah meets Cehnille Derek`s sister and mom for his little child, who has an unknown father. Chenille tells Sarah she should come to the club steppes. Sarah agreed. At the club Sarah ends up with dancing with Derek and afterwards he offers to help her work on her hip hop moves.


Derek starts to have a crush on Sarah. It lasted a little back and forth, but so Sarah gets offended and Derek and Sarah break up. Derek goes to Sarah`s audition, where Sarah mixed ballet with hip hop, and then she gets into Jilliard. Sarah and Derek hook up again and Chenille gets back with her son`s father.

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