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Oppsumering av "The lion king" Skrevet i 9'ende klasse. Karakter: 6.
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This is a story about a lion named Simba, who lives in Pride Land. He is son of Mufasa and Sarabi and he supposed to be king one day. 

The movie starts with a monkey named Rafifi, Simba is a new born and it is time to show him to the world. The monkey lifts him up gently, and shows him to the kingdom and all of the animals in it. 

As the time goes, we get to see Simba again. He is bigger than he was the last time we saw him. A new person also shows up in the movie, Simbas best friend Nala. Simba wants to go to an elephant graveyard outside of Pride land (their kingdom), what he doesn’t know is that it’s a trap made by his jealous uncle. 

Simba and Nala are not allowed to go outside the kingdom, but that isn’t stopping them. They run off to the graveyard, thinking that this is a good idea. When they get there, they think that it is awesome, but this does not last very long. Some hungry hyenas shows up, and they are not in the mood for a playdate. The hyenas starts attacking them, desperate for food. Little Simba and Nala has no chance against them, luckily Mufasa shows up and scares them away.  

Later this afternoon Mufasa decides to give Simba a lesion. He tells him that being brave doesn’t mean to look for trouble, and that the bravest animals also gets scared. Mufasa also tells him about all the kings from the past, watching us from the sky. 

Scar he comes up with a plan b. He tells Simba that he is supposed to meet his dad in the deep valley later, so Simba goes and wait until Mufasa shows up. Instead of meeting his dad, Simba meets a massive herd of wildebeest. The wildebeest is about to run Simba down, but Mufasa shows up. He runs to Simba desperate to save him, and so he does, but he is not able to save himself. 

Scar blames Simba for Mufasas death, and tells him to run away and never come back. Simba runs away, and scar becomes king just as he planned. 

Simba is just a lion cub and can’t make it threw the desert, luckily a meerkat named Timon and a warthog named Pumba saves him from a painful death. So instead of letting him die, they bring him to their home. Here they live in harmony, and simba learns a new word “hakuna matata” which means “no problem”. 

He grows up with this type of environment, thinking that this was goining to be his life. Suddenly one day Nala shows up, looking for help. Simba won’t face his past, even though he should’ve done it a long time ago. 

The monkey from the start of the movie finds out about this and decides to show Simba his dead father. He goes to a pond not knowing how he is supposed to see him, but suddenly he can see his father in the reflection from the water. Then he sees Mufasa in the sky, andhe knows that he has to return and face his past. They run off to pride land, not knowing what they’re going to face. 

When they arrive it’s no water left, not a single green leaf to see and no antelopes again. Timon and Pumba runs off to distract the hyenas while Nala gets the rest of the lions. Scar and Simba starts fighting and everything is a mess. Suddenly scar says that he killed mufasa, and Simba gets full of anger. Scar lied to everyone, including the hyenas. The hyenas kills Scar and  At the end the hyenas surrender, pride land goes back to how it was and life is good. 

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