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Et handlingsreferat fra filmen om The Doors av Oliver Stones.
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Venice, California, 1965.

Jim was following a sweet girl he met on the beach. The same night did he climb into her house, and he told her, that she is the one…


Jim Morrison were sitting on the beach and talking to his friend and classmate, Ray Manzarek. They were talking about their future. After a while, Jim came up with some lyrics he had written. Ray loved it! Now they planned to start a rock’n roll band. Jim wanted to call the band The Doors, from a sentence from the poet William Blake.


A week later, The Doors was born. It was Jim Morrison on vocal, Ray Manzarek on organ and bass, Robby Krieger on guitar, and John Densmore on the drums. For two years they played in small clubs all around Los Angeles.


In 1967, The Doors got a record-contract. They recorded their first album in six days, which was incredible. The song Light My Fire became a big hit in the USA. After they had recorded their record-debut, they startet to play in the rest of America. When they came to New York in 1967, they had the great honour to play on the famous Ed Sullivan Show. They performed the big hit Light My Fire. At this time Jim was always drugs, and he also had serious alcohol-problems. His girlfriend, Pamela was also using drugs. She was on the same “ride” as Jim. They were always drunk, and high on drugs.


On a concert in New Haven in 1968, Jim was arrested for running down a local policeofficer. Jim came often in trouble with the law, because of his alcohol and intoxication-problems.


On thanksgiving next year, Jim and Pamela had a real fight during the meal. Pamela was very close to kill Jim Morrison that evening. But as always, they came together, and kept on as nothing happened. When they were very drunk, or on drugs, they were always fighting. Later, the same fall, Jim tried to set the house on fire while Pamela was inside the house. This was because of a little unfaithful happening.


In the recordstudio when they were recorded their fourth album, The Soft Parade, Jim tried to throw a TV on his bandmate, Ray Manzarek. But he didn’t hit him, he missed. At this time of The Doors’ career, it was a lot of local fights inside the group.


In Miami, 1969, Jim was arrested for public exposure. Jim denied, and it became a trial of the case. Jim lost the trial. 


In Los Angels in 1970, Jim tried to jump from a hotelbuilding, but  Pamela stopped him from doing it. Jim was deaddrunken, and didn’t know where he was.


In 1971 decided Jim and Pamela to move to Paris. Before leaving, The Doors recorded their last album together, L.A Woman.


Jim and Pamela moved to Paris in March 1971. Jim’s dream was to buy an old church in southern France, and live a peaceful life with Pamela. But that dream didn’t became real, because on July 3rd 1971, Pamela found Jim dead in the bathtab.


Cause of his dead was believable to be a heart failure. Jim Morrison died twenty-seven years old, and was burried July 6th 1971, at Pere-Lachaise in Paris.

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