The Hound of the Baskervilles

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The film is based on a novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The story takes place in the late 1880’s and is located to the area around London and is one of the many stories about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.


The film started with a big, black dog with red eyes that chased Sir Charles Baskerville. Mr. Baskerville died because his heart stopped. Soon after we get to know that Sir Baskerville was found on his stairs. Barking was heard and big footprints from a dog were found. The people of the Baskervilles thought of the old legend of the hound, but a murderer named Seldon was also loose.


In Holmes’ office, he and Dr. Watson found a stick that belonged to the promising house doctor, Dr. Mortimer. Later on Dr. Mortimer came back to get the stick, and told the legend of the hound of the Baskervilles from 1642: Sir Hugo Baskerville took a girl into his house and locked her into a room to rape her, but she escaped. Sir Hugo was furious and sacrificed himself to the devil. The girl saw that a demon dog ate Hugo.


Sir Henry Baskerville from Canada inherited the mansion of the late Charles. He heard the tale, but he wasn’t scared of dogs. He received a letter that told him to stay away from the area if he wanted to live, but not even that frightened Henry. Holmes figured the letter was from a well-educated person.


Sir Henry and Watson went to the Baskerville mansion, from where Watson would write to Holmes everyday. At the mansion they met Mr and Mrs Barrymore, the servants. They wanted to quit their jobs as soon as possible. On the way to the mansion, they heard howling, and in the evenings, Watson heard a woman cry.


On a walk, Watson and Sir Henry met a kind man with a telescope, Jack Stapleton, who said he was a nature’s scientist. He knew everything about the nature, where to go and where not to go. When Jack had left, a woman came running up to Watson, thinking he was Sir Henry, and whispered intensely that he had to go back to London.


After a little while, Sir Henry and Watson were introduced to Jack and Beryl Stapleton who said they were siblings. Beryl was the woman that had mixed up Watson and Sir Henry. Some time ago, the Stapletons had owned a private school, but two boys died from diphtheria, and they had to close the school. Beryl seemed very nervous when they met. When Watson and Henry went home, they heard howling, and saw a wolf. In the night, Watson heard crying again, and he saw the servant holding a candle, when he went to find out where the crying came from. Then he heard the howling yet again and saw the wolf outside the window.


Soon after, Henry and Watson went to a dinner party at the Stapleton’s where the neighbours were invited. Mr. Frankland said he believed in the tale, and Jack had a telescope in which he used to watch people in the village. Beryl had nightmares about the hound.


When Henry and Watson came home, Mrs Barrymore confessed to them that John was lighting the way for Seldon, and giving him food. She told them that Seldon was her brother and that they wanted to take him to Australia. Seldon was too stupid to murder, she said, and begged them not to turn him in. Watson told her they had to get him, and so they went into the forest. They saw the man that was coming for the food that had been set out for him. They told him they didn’t want to hurt him, but then the wolf howled and the man ran away. Watson and Henry saw another man when they were looking for Seldon.


Back at the Baskerville mansion John found a letter in a lady’s handwriting, that he showed Watson. It lay in the fireplace, and was partly burned. The only part that was intact read: “Burn the letter and meet me by the gate at ten”. It was signed L. L., and postmarked in Grimpen, the nearest town.


The next day Dr. Mortimer gave Watson a ride to the post office. On the way they stopped by Ms Lora Lynes with an article Dr. Mortimer had written. Watson stayed with Ms Lynes, and asked her if she corresponded with Charles Baskerville, and she refused, but Watson revealed the truth, that she did, and she cried. Ms Lynes was really Mr Frankland’s daughter. She wanted to ask Charles for money, but someone else helped her out, so she didn’t need to meet him that night, and she wanted to send him a letter to apologize, but when she came to the post office, she saw that he was dead. When Watson confronted Mr Frankland with this, he got very mad.


Watson was allowed to use the telescope, and he saw Seldon getting food and a note from a servant saying, “Dr. Watson has gone to Grimpen”. Then Henry was chased by the dog, and fell down a small cliff, and died. When they ran over to look at Henry, they discovered that it wasn’t Henry, it was Seldon in Henry’s clothes. Watson started to believe that the demon dog existed.


Beryl wrote a letter to Henry. She wanted to meet him alone. Watson thought Henry wouldn’t be safe alone in the woods, so he followed them, but stayed out of sight. When Henry met Beryl, Jack saw them, and he was very mad with them both, and asked them what they were talking about. Henry said that he came to tell Beryl he was going to London the next day. Henry left, and Jack complimented Beryl’s acting.


Jack sent his dog on Sir Henry with the boot he stole from him. Watson tried to shoot him, but Jack saw him, and they began to fight as the dog attacked sir Henry. Sir Henry was shot. Suddenly Holmes jumped out of the bushes and shot the dog. Holmes was the one the servant had been bringing food.


The dog attacked Jack when he wanted to make it attack Henry, and both the dog and Jack sank into a swamp and drowned.


At last the truth comes out: the dog was Jack’s, and it had red eyes because Jack had blinded it. The Stapletons were actually married. The boys at school died because Jack wanted to save money and forced Beryl to buy bad meat. The Stapleton’s motive was that Jack was a close relative to the Baskervilles, and would inherit the castle if all other relatives died.

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