The Lord of the Rings

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Frodo Baggins, a hobbit from the shire of middle-earth is faced with an immense quest, which will take him to the wastelands of Middle-Earth. Frodo is sent to destroy the ring of power, which holds s the power to all the rings that the Lord Sauron created and can only be destroyed in the lava of Mordor. This ring is the source of all evil in the world that J.R.R. Tolkien has created. The Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the ring is the most raved about books that has been transformed into a movie.


After finding the ring of power that was created by the malevolent Lord Sauron of Mordor Biblo Baggins who is also a hobbit from the shire is persuaded by Gandolf the Grey to give the ring to him. Gandolf then bestows the ring and a great quest onto Frodo Baggins. This quest is to destroy the ring thus exterminating the existence off all evil throughout Middle-Earth. Completely knowing all the possible risks of the adventure, including death, and sets out on his journey with three hobbit friends from the shire who are Sam, Merry, and Pippen. Leaving the shire, which is their homeland and the only place they know of. With difficulty to fellowship which has added five more members to it Legolas the elf, Gandolf the Grey a wizard, Aragon and Boriomir both humans, and Gimimli the dworf make their way to Mordor assisting Frodo on his quest.


The fellowship encounters many challenges and obstacles along the way, which they must overcome such as the evil Orcs that prove to be devastating and fatal to Boriomir the human. Also many supernatural beings like the fire beast that takes Gandolf the Grey down the canyon in the mines of Morier. When this happens and Gandolf has been separated from the rest of the group a great burden of sorrow is placed upon the companions and thus making the journey more suspenseful since they fellowship is fighting to abolish evil and avenge their companions death.

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