"The way up to heaven" (R. Dahl)

Referat fra "The way up to heaven" av Roald Dahl.
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All her life, Mrs. Foster had had an almost pathological fear of missing a train, a plane, a boat. At least half an hour before she was going, she is ready to leave the house. She could not sit still. She walked around in the house until her husband finally came out of his study.


Mr. Foster was irritated by his wife silly way to act. He made his wife feel even more miserable by keeping her waiting unnecessarily.


Mrs. Foster was going to Paris to visit her daughter, her only child. And she wanted very much to see her grandchildren too. She wanted to leave New York and live in Paris, but Mr. Foster would never agree to that. It was a miracle that he agreed to let her fly over there alone for six weeks to visit them.


“Walker, I missing it” Mrs. Foster said.


“No, Madam,” the butler said. “I think you’ll make it all right.”


When they came nearer to Idlewild the fog became thicker and the car had to slow down. Mrs. Foster said that she did not make it. An old man said that the plane would not fly in this sort of weather.


She jumped out of the car and ran into the airport. There was a mass of unhappy passengers who were standing around the ticket counters. She found out that her flight was postponed to the next morning.


Next morning Mrs. Foster was up early, and by eight thirty she was ready to leave. Shortly after nine, her husband appeared.


They sat down in the car ready to drive, when he started to lock for a present for his daughter. He walked into the house locking for it. Then she saw a small white box in the seat where Mr. foster had sit. She shouted out the door that she had it. Then she went the front door and stopped. She listens to a sound from the house. Then she ran back to the car and tells the driver to drive. She caught the plane an soon she was high over the Atlantic.


Every week she wrote him a letter. After six weeks she was going to return to America, to her husband. On the airport she notes that no one to meet her. Then she took a taxi home.


She calls a man and said that the lift is stuck between the second and third floor.


Mr. foster is a mean man. He knows that his wife is afraid to miss a plane, a boat or something like that. Everytime she is going to take something like that he tries to scare her. She hates him. She knows that the lift was stuck, but she just leaves him. She killed him. I would like to do the same like she did if it was one person who did the same to me.

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