"Tom Sawyer" (M. Twain)

Kort sammendrag av Mark Twains "Tom Sawyer".

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Repitation of the book: the book is abot Tom Sawyer and a lot of what he experiences as a kid. He lives at ais ant polly and the brother sid . the best friend to tom is joe harper , and they are finding on menu funny stuff. In the bigining of the book is tom and huck vitnes to a killing and the killer,indian Joe, tricked his “friend” to belive that hi did it. But he was to drunk that he can`t remember it. How this is going can you now if you read the book.


Tom like to go on a discovery and to play a pirat. That is what his getting joe and huck on. They go to an island rigth outsaid the town and they stay ther the hole week. In to town is it sadness. 3 boys have drowned , they think. But that day it shud be a memory time for the boys. And they meet in the churc and it make a wery oppstyr 


One person in the book: Tom is the principle person in the book. Tom is an adventurous boy and he like adventure, He always com into something dangerus but he always get get out of it. Like that time when he tricked som boys to paint a fens for him, and they get paid. He had get a message that he dont`h shud play bofore he was finished.


It seems like that he is sins , but some time we learn that it not is tru.

Like when he sneaks home when the other is on the island. He getting home beacuse he is gonna live a note so they now that they are alive. This is only an example to how good and how nice Tom is.

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