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The victim in shock

The reactions from the victim

Injury effect

Youth rape


Myths and facts

Icelins story




I want to write about rape because I have a lot of information about the subject. The way your life can change in just a second, the way you can become another person. It will haunt you for the rest of your life, it will be apart of you for the rest of your life.


Rape is a crime that applicat many side of your personality and character. The victim get forced to have sex with the criminal, and by doing that the criminal makes the victim scared for her life and health. A rape is a very serious vialation of a persons personal integrity. This means that the victims freedom and possibility to reject advences of sexual character and deside of there own sexuality.


Rape is not just a offense of the victim , but also create fear in other peoples life. And can affect there freedom to. The rape crime with that is a invasion of privacy that affect more people then the victim it self. The victims can be caused a harmful effect, both psychic and physical. The psychic is the most comprehensive and long-lasting thing, and can give deflection in bodily pain.


  • A rape always get experienced as a danger for the victim
  • A rapesituation most of the time comes as a surprise and suddenly
  • Usual situations to cope the rapesituation do not work
  • A rape will always lead you to a inflection point in life

The victim is in shock

It can be that it`s no visual reactions at first. Many of the victims displace what has happened , and do not show that they are in pain. They describe the rape as if they weren’t the victims, and that it is a nightmare, and this is not uncommon. Often it takes time before the victim have the energy to talk about feelings, and it takes time before the victim tells in details what happened.


It is very normal that the victim get emotional strong outbreaks that contains crying , screaming, aggression, rage, anxiety and a feeling of fear and panic. This is normal reactions in a abnormal situation. All the reactions are “right”, just that the victim react instead of not talking about it.


  • Without contact with feelings
  • Fear for the place in question
  • Apathy
  • Sleeping problem
  • Unstable feelings that quickly turns and strong emotional outbreaks
  • Guilt complex, shame and isolating
  • Panic and hysterics
  • Tension in the body
  • Fear of being alone, and at the same time don’t want to spend time with people
  • Anger, irritation and frustration
  • Physical pain, headache, stomach pain
  • School difficulty , reduced concentration
  • Restless
  • Change time experience
  • Memory problems
  • Thoughts distraction

Reactions from the victim

The most usual body reactions is sickness in the stomach , vomiting, sweat, heartbeat, fast pulse, dizziness, no feelings in arms or legs, and also shivering in the body.


In addition comes the feeling of physical pain that the victim may have been getting under the rape. The psychic after reactions can be so strong that the victim can think that she has a serious disease. This leads to the point were the victim get more anxious and is turning to a evil circle.


Reactions like fear, anxiety and depression is not abnormal. Pushing remembrance about the rape and dwelling with the happening is also normal, and at the same time the victim is full of self-reproach, quilt and shame.


Injury effect

  • Fear, anxiety, weakness sense
  • Depression
  • Self-reproach and quilt
  • Suicide thoughts
  • Irritability, anger, frustration
  • Unusual tiredness
  • Headache , stomach pains, sleeping problems and nightmares
  • Memory and concentration problems
  • Social isolation

Youth Rape

The most usual rape is “youth rape”. The youth rape happens at a home-alone-party, class party, big outdoors happenings like 17th may, new years eve etc. The people who rape is at the same age as the victim and there has always been alcohol in the picture. The victim fear that parents, friends and other in the community will find out what happened, and the victims does everything so that nobody can find out what happened. Often is evidence impossible to find because the victim washes , burns or throw everything she used the current day. Even shoes and handbags get destroyed. The victim has showered and removed all trace in that way, and usually when its been a while the victim dears to confide someone about what happened.


The victims usually never wants no contact with police, doctor or psychologist. And they never want their parents to be involved because usually the assailant and the victim have both been drinking alcohol and the victim parents have told her not to drink alcohol. And then they walk around with their problems and never talk about them.



Statistical central agency, criminal statistics 89-94

Number of convictions : Unqualified sentence. Average punishment.


1989:     72        63        2,14 Year
1990:     70        63        2,58 Year
1991:     75        65        2,34 Year
1992:     54        43        2,51 Year
1993:     79        61        2,43 Year
1994:     57        46        2,50 Year


Myths and facts

The myths about rape is strong for the victim, the assailant, and the victims family. Why is that? Because a myth exists both with the victim is self, with the victims family, with friends and neighbours, at work and inside the authorities.


Myth: Its only good looking girl who get raped.

Facts: You find the victims in every age and they are in every social class.


Myth: Rape is committed because of need for sex.

Facts: A rape has little with rape to do. Rape is committed to show that the assailant is dominating and that he can do whatever he wants to.


Myth: Rapes are usually done by strangers.

Facts: The most of the rapes are done by someone the victim knows: partner, boyfriend, friend neighbour or relative.


Myth: Rape happens spontaneous and are not a plan.

Facts: A rape is often a plan by the assailant. The assailant has decided to rape a girl, it can be any girl, but sometimes it is a special girl.


Myth: Many girls turn in a false report that they have been raped.

Facts: Very few girl lie about a rape. Statistics shows that ca. 2% of the report are false.


Myth: Every boys/men are potential assailants.

Facts: The most boys/men respect the girl rights. They do not have the need to claim themselves in that way.


Myth: When a girl say “no” she means “yes”.

Facts: If the girl wishes it why would she report the rape?

It is a lot of ignorance in this area. Rape is a criminal act. Rape can also be a scene in a movie that makes the movie more thrilling. The word “rape” is put-upon in the media.

When someone say no they mean NO!





Icelins story

Now I am going to write about a girl who was raped, and I am going to write her reactions and how she experienced the rape. How she was in shock, and what effected her det most.


It was in 2001 that a girl from Alta in Norway was raped at a home alone party, she was 14 years and her parents did not have a clue that their daughter were out partying. And never were they to found out she touhght. But eventually every parents get to know that their children is going to partys with their friends. I am going to call the girl Icelin. Icelin was at a party, and she was drinking, and as I was saying earlyer in the task: Almost every rape ( 86%) has something to do with alcohol or other intoxicant. Icelin have actually never been at a party and she was very exited. But the exitment was never going to last very long. She sat down and start drinking, and got more and more drunk. A man told Icelin to bring a friend of his upstairs because he was so drunk , and Icelin did what the man told her to do. And when she came up this man who she had helped dragged her into a room and toss her in the bed. And at this moment Icelin had no idea about what was happening. It was like standing by the bed and watch the rape, she could not do anything to make it stop. She was afraid that the asailant would kill her. And when it all was over she run down the stairs and out the door. Now she was in shock and did not know what to do. She had never felt so dirty and had never been so ashamed of herself. But it was never her fault, but she did not learn that before 3 years later.


She had many reactions, han some of them were: Tension in the body. Fear of being alone, and at the same time don’t want to spend time with people. Anger, irritation and frustration. She went to the police and reported the rape, but they told her that she had to tell her parents, and she did. Her life turned up side down in just a few seconds.


Icelin had problems at school, she was not herself, and she did not want to talk about the rape. She closed herself, and she quit playing football, something that made her happy just like her family. What she experienced was something that turned her life into something she never would imagine would be so horryfying.


The weeks and months after the rape she became another person, she quit being with her friends, and all she did was sit at home and wonder what things would be like in the future.


When the trial came up she felt awful, because it was like meet with the rape over and over again. She had to go trough two trials before the final verdict was settled.


At that time she was so far away from the reality that no one could talk to her. But things went her way for the next 2 years, she got good in school again, and got her friends back. But never can a rape make a victims life the same again. But you can struggle to make it better.



A victim is a victim and a assailant is an assailant. And nothing can change that, because a rape changes a persons life forever. And the only thing to do to stop a person of being raped is to look out for each and another. A victim has to go trough a hell, but the assailant may never be punished. There is no more to this then that.




“Ta natta tilbake” by Grete Kvalheim


And myself primary source

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