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The founder of Harry Potter: J. K. Rowling

Johanne Rowling was born in Yate, south Glouceshire 31th July 1965. When she was 9 years old, she, and her family moved to Tutshill, but she did not like it there. Her school was old fashion; the teachers had strange ideas about that they who were stupid should sit in the right corner of the classroom. In 1983, she started at the university in Exeter, there she studied French. After this, she worked a lot for the organization Amnesty international.


It was in a train trip back to London she got the idea about Harry Potter! She had no pen with her, so she started with making up things and ideas in her head. That night, she started to write on “Harry potter and the philosopher stone”. In 1994, she got at daughter, but she had not finished the book yet. So she decided to finish it. Jo used to write when her daughter, Jessica was sleeping. She hated the book, at the same time she loved it, she was writing every night, and then, finally it was done! She packed together the three first chapters and sent it to an agent. That did not go so well, the agent just sent it back, so she sent it to another agent.


For over a year, she worked with her agent, Christopher, to find someone who wanted to give out the book. In August 1996, she got the phone she had been waiting for. Bloomsbary wanted the book. It took the whole five years to plan the Harry Potter books, and she decided that the story would be in seven parts. She had always known how the story would end. To day the books are known all over the world!




The Books



Harry Potter: And the philosopher stone!

Harry potter is a normal ten years old boy, who lived in a roomcoppet under the stairs in the house to the Dursley`s. But, actually he`s not as normal as he thinks, it happens strange things there he is, he`s got a glass to disappear, men in strange robes nods to him, when he`s out walking. After a while, Harry gets letters in his address and its owls all around the house. In the end Mr. Dursley can’t handle it anymore. So, he and the rest of the family, drives far away from Privet drive, and they end up in a cottage on an island. There, Harry got a visit by a large man called, Hagrid. Hagrid tells the true story about Harry to him. That he actually is a wizard. And that his parents was killed by, an evil wizard called Voldemort or he-who-most-not-be-named/you-know-who. And the scar that Harry has on his head is that Voldemort tried to kill him, but he only got a scar. The greatest news was that Harry got a place on Hogwarts School for witchcrafts and wizardry.


So Harry could get all the stuff he needs to the school, he and Hagrid went to the Diagon Alley. Harry gets an owl, with the name Hedwig. To get to Hogwarts, Harry have to take the train from platform 9 ¾. He find the platform with the Waesley`s. They are magical people to.


The first thing they do when the arrived at Hogwarts is to get sorted in the houses. It is a special hat that does choose the houses for the kids. It is Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff. The hat place Harry in Gryffindor, there is Hermione and Ronald to.


After some weeks at the school, Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione meets at three headed dog, named Fluffy, and the dog belongs to Hagrid. The three of them finds out that Fluffy is guarding something, the philosopher stone. The stone belongs to Nicolas Flamel. Harry think that’s Snape is after the stone, but it`s actually you-know-who who wants the stone to get back his power.


In the end, Hermione, Ron and Harry decide to go down under the hatch, which Fluffy is guarding. They want to save the stone, but on the way there, it is many distributions. Harry wants to fight for the good! In a week later Harry woke up in the School hospital. He got many gifts from friends. Albus Dumbledore tells him everything that has happened, and how he could defeat Voldemort.


Harry Potter: And the chamber of secrets!

Harry is now finished with the first year at Hogwarts. Now he is exited about getting back to the school after the summer holidays. He`s been with the Dursleys the whole summer. But in the end of the summer, a house elf show up in his bedroom, named Dobby. Dobby is warning Harry to not go back the school this year. Harry don`t want to listen to Dobby. So Dobby has to do something, and make so Harry get grounded by the Dursleys.


Ron, and his brothers is worried about Harry, because he don`t answer the letters from him. So, one night they are coming and rescuing Harry, with the flying car. When they got home, Mrs.Waesley is very mad. But she`s happy to let Harry stay for the rest of the summer. Harry and Ron have to go to Hogwarts with the flying car, because the platform is blocked by a reason.


Someone or something is petrifying students and a cat at Hogwarts. A subsection is flying around, and someone think it is Harry. He finds “The chamber of secrets”.


Harry Potter: And the prisoner of Azkaban

Harry potter is now 13th years old, and have to spend a long and boring summer holiday with the Dursleys. Few weeks before school-start, Vernon`s sister, Marge on visit. She`s always cruel to Harry, and it isn`t better this year. But with help by magic, Harry is blowing up Marge. After that, Harry is packing his truck and walk out. With a BANG, the night buss is showing up. And Harry gets a drive to the leaky cauldron. On the way there, he got to know that a wizard called Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban prison.


On the leaky cauldron, Harry meets his friends Ron and Hermione again. They are there with the rest of the Weasley family. Harry don`t think about Sirius so much, until he overheard a conversation between Mr. and Mrs.Waesley He heard that he is after Harry, and he wants to kill him.


On their way to Hogwarts, the train is stopping, because the dementor`s is searching the train for Sirius Black. The new year begins, and the students get to know that the dementor`s is guarding Hogwarts. This year, all students in the third class can go to Hogsmeade, a wizard town not far from Hogwarts. Harry can not go, because he did not get the letter signed by the Dursleys. With help of the marauders map, Harry finds secret ways to Hogsmeade. There his is hearing a conversation between McGonagall and minister of magic, Cornelius Fudge. They are saying that Sirius killed 13 people on an open place. And he is Hurry’s godfather.


One day, the fat lady is gone, she tells them that Sirius is somewhere inside the castle and scared her to death. Defend against the dark arts lessons goes well, and they teach much. But professor Lupin is much sick, and the lessons are overtaken by Severus Snape. And he teaches them about werewolves.


Harry Potter: And the goblet of fire

This is the fourth year at Hogwarts School for Harry Potter. Before school start, he is with the Weasley family on the quidditch world cup, between Bulgarian and Ireland. After the mach Harry discovers that his wand is gone.


Then the dark mark shows up on the sky. This is Voldemort`s sign. The ministry blames Harry for the dark mark, but it shows up that it is another person we haven`t heard about in the three other books. This year Hogwarts is chosen to compete with three other schools in the Triwixard tournament. This tournament is very dangerous, and not to the fainthearted. The three schools are Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. To compete to the contest, the students have to be over an age of 17. The goblet of fire is choosing the three students who are going to compete. The students are Cedric Diggery, Victor Krum and Fleur Delacour. But, suddenly Harry’s is coming up of the goblet of fire. And he has to compete.


Harry Potter: And the order of the phoenix

Harry stands now forward to the 5th year at Hogwarts. This has been the worst summer ever in his life. And the Dursleys do everything to make Harry’s life as terrible as possible. And its not getting better when Ron and Hermione is together and cant tell anything to Harry about what they are doing.


The summer hottest day is coming; Harry lies under the window, outside one of the room. This he has been doing every day, hoping that there would be something on the mugglenews about his world. On that night, Harry sees Big-D and his friends. He is waiting to talk to Dudley, until he is alone. Dudley starts to talk about how Harry screams Cedric when he sleeps. Then there is a cold coming, I starts to rain. To dementor’s are coming, they start to suck out the happiness of Dudley, Harry saves him by using a spell. Harry has brought the law. And have go to a hearing in the ministry of magic.


Dumbledore is at the hearing, but he doesn`t talk to Harry, or sees him in the eyes. After the hearing, he just walks straight beside Harry.


The new professor in defend against the dark arts is Umbridge. She don`t want the students to do any magic at all. This is way many students are making an army, “Dumbledore’s Army”. Here, Harry is the teacher, he teaches them some spells, and helps them.  


Harry Potter: And the half-blood prince

In the 6th book about Harry potter, is darker then the others. In the 5th book, Harry`s godfather, Sirius, died. He is still in shock of losing the last family member. But after some days, Dumbledore is coming to the Dursleys house. He takes him to the Weasley family. He tells Harry that he is going to have privet lessons with him this year at Hogwarts. Harry spends the rest of the holiday with the Weasley`s. And he got to new that he is the captain in the quidditch team.


Under the once a year tour to Hogsmeade Harry, Ron, and Hermione meets Draco in a shop. The meeting I going well. Then they goes to the Weasley`s brothers, Fred and George, shop!


On the train trip to Hogwarts, Harry and Neville is invited to a meeting with the new teacher, Slugghorn, to lunch. It shows that it is only rich and talented and the famous, who is invited. When the train is nearly at Hogwarts, Harry tries to listen to something Draco is telling his friends, but in an accident Draco finds him, and leave him with a bleeding nose. Dora Tonks finds him and leads him up to Hogwarts.


This school year, Dumbledore is very much gone from the school, and Harry is wondering why! Dumbledore is traveling around to find horocrux`s. He brings Harry on one tour, and then Dumbledore is getting sick. When the get back to Hogwarts, Dumbledore get killed by Severus Snape!


Places in the world of Harry Potter



Hogwarts: The School

Hogwarts was grounded for over 1000 of years ago, by the four greatest witches and wizards at the time, Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, and Helena Ravenclaw. The four houses are called after the last name of these wizards and witches. In the beginning, all four of them worked fine together. But after a while, Slytherin only wanted pure-blood people in the school. The three others of them wanted to give mudbloods and half-bloods a chance to go to Hogwarts as well. The fight went on for years, in the end, Slytherin left Hogwarts.


Bur before he left Hogwarts, he had already build the chamber of secrets. He had hidden a monster in there, which can get rid of all the people that not are pure-bloods from the school. The chamber of secrets could be opened by the heir of Slytherin.


The chamber has been opened two times. First in 1942, then a mudblood died. And in 1992 it was opened again. This time opened by Ginny Weasley. She`s been witched by Tom Riddle`s dairy.


Hogwarts have been out for many strange things. In 1995 a rumour about that Voldemort’s back. It came from Harry, and Dumbledore supported him.


In the end of the school year in 1996-96, Dumbledore got killed by Severus Snape, the teacher in defends against the dark arts. He was a death eater for a long time ago, but no one stops being a death eater.



Diagon Alley


Diagon Alley is one of the most visited places in the wizard world. Here you can find many known shops. In the heart of Diagon Alley, lies Grindgotts, the wizard bank. If you want to by a wand, you can go to Ollivanders, which is the best place you can by wands. To get to Diagon Alley, you have to get there by Floo powder, or through the leaky cauldron.

Some of the shops in Diagon Alley:

- Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

- Quality Quidditch Supplies

- Grindgotts

- Ollivanders

- The leaky cauldron

- Madam Malkin's Robes for all Occasions

- Eeylops Owl Emporium




Azkaban: The prison

Azkaban is a wizard prison in the Harry potter books. Witches and wizards who breaks the low, is sent here. In the start of the Harry potter story is it the dementor’s who guards Azkaban. The dementor’s are some dreadful craters who can suck out your sole. It can also give you the kiss, and then they take your sole. Many of Voldemort`s followers has been here for years.


Since the dementor’s is so extremely difficult to kill or hurt, they thought that it was impossible to escape from Azkaban, until Sirius black escaped. Is you use on of these spells, you have to go to Azkaban.

- Cruciatus curse

- Imperius curse  

- Killing curse

In the book “chamber of secrets” Hagrid is sent to Azkaban in a short period.




Beauxbatons: The French school

The Beauxbatons School has existed for over 700 years. The headmaster on the school is Madame Olympe Maxime. There`s school uniform is blue silk and the logo of the school is two wands who cross each other and shot out three stars. It looks like the students on the French school care more about the roumers and the studies, then the students at Hogwarts.




Animals and creatures



The first basilisk we know about was produced by Herpo, a black Greek wizard who could talk to snakes. Herpo found out after much experiments that a chicken egg brooding by a toad that the result was a gigantic snake with extremely dangerous apect. The basilisk is green snake that can be fifteen meter long. If you look it in to the eye, you will die instantly.





The Hippogriff is actually from Europe, but is spread all over the world now. It has the head of the huge eagle, and the body to a horse. It can be tamed, but only by professional people. Eye contact is very important when you are going to walk to the Hippogriff. The Hippogriff has to accept you before you can touch it. It eats small animals, and insects.





Merepeople exist all over the earth. Some wizard can talk the language they have. It is merrower, siren, and more.





A werewolf is a normal human when it isn’t full moon. When the full moon is coming, the people who are werewolf are changing to bloodthirsty animal, and like to attack people. If you are a werewolf, you have to be it the rest of you life!




The phoenix!

The phoenix is a red, dark red bird, with a size as a swan. The phoenix lives until they are very old, and then they burn up, and is reborn from the ash. The phoenix have never killed anyone, it just eats plants. The song of the phoenix is magical. And the phoenix is very beautiful.





The gnome is a very usual vermin in every garden in North-Europe and North-America. The head is very hard, and big.



Red Cap

Red cap is much alike a dwarf. It lives on places were it has been human blood in North-Europe. The can be dangerous if you are a muggle, they can hit you to death. To a wizard, it is just to chase it away with simple spells.



The cleaning and the food making at Hogwarts is accomplished by these elf`s. It is over a hundred house-elf`s employed at Hogwarts. They don`t get paid for the work they are doing. In the books, we can hear about the house-elf`s Dobby, Krynkel, Blunk and Hokla. The clothes they are wearing are made of pillowcase. The can also use a special form of magic, far away from that wizards and witches can do.






Ghost exists in many forms, but the most normal is specter. It can be like white gas/fog form of a human, or it can exactly like a human of meat and blood. Ghost can give a rotten stench from it self. The most of the ghost’s at Hogwarts has suffered a dreadful death. Nearly headless Nick died in a beheading, but they failed. He didn`t lose his head properly.







Norwegian Ridgeback

The Norwegian Ridgeback is very mush alike the Horntail, but instead of tale studs is has an black ridge down the whole back. It is very belligerent to its own art. Is gets known when is attacks sea animals. The eggs are black!


Chinese Fireball

This dragon is red and a short snout! It also has outstanding eyes. Its weight is about two to four tons. The girl is bigger then the boy dragon. The eggs are red, with some gold spots on it. It eats pigs and humans.


Hungarian Horntail

This dragon should be the most dangerous dragon. Horntails fire can sprout for fifteen meters. The eggs are beige and are very special and strong. The Horntail eats goats, sheep’s, but the best it knows about its humans.


Antipodean Opaleye

This dragon is from New Zealand, but also in Australia. They don`t live in the mountains. This dragon is not one of the biggest one, but not the smallest one either, and one of the most beautiful. The fire of the dragon is green.


Peruvian Vipertooth

This is the dragon that is the quickest dragon to fly. This is the smallest dragon; it is only 4-5 meters long. Is eats cows and goats. They had to put down many of the Vipertooth because it was so many of them.


Hebridean black

The Great Britain`s second dragon art, this I more aggressive, then its walisisce family. This dragon could be nine meters long, and it has red eyes. It can eat dogs and sometimes cows. The wizard, MacFusty, who lived on the Hebridean for century’s, had traditional had the responsibility for the Hebridean black.


Swedish Short-snout

The short-snout is a beautiful silver-blue dragon. The fire from the snout is shiny blue. This dragon has not killed so many human-life’s that the other dragons have done.


Ukrainian Ironbelly

The ironbelly is the biggest dragon of them all. It is round, and not so fast to fly then Longhorn and Vipertooth. It is very god at destroying houses when it is going for landing. Is has red eyes.



Hogwarts!: The Houses


Color: Dark red, and gold

Ghost: Nearly headless Nick/Sir Nicholas

House-teacher: Minerva McGonagall

Guard: The fat lady

Animal: Lion

Name after: Godric Gryffindor


Godric Gryffindor

- Close friend of Salazar Slytherin

- Owners of the chooser hat

- He had a fight with Salazar, about who was going to get in to the school



Color: yellow

Ghost: The fat munch

House-teacher: professor “Stikling”

Animal: Badger

Named after: Helga Hufflepuff


Helga Hufflepuff

-Good friend with Ravenclaw

-Came from Valley

-Got people to help to build Hogwarts



Color: Blue and brown

Ghost: The gray lady

House-Teacher: Pr. Flitwick

Animal: Raven

Named after: Helena Ravenclaw


Helena Ravenclaw

-Good friend with Hufflepuff

-Very clever

-Created all the plans for Hogwarts



Color: Green and silver

Ghost: The bloody Baron

House-Teacher: Severus Snape

Guard: Stone wall

Animal: Serpent

Named after: Salazar Slytherin


Salazar Slytherin

-Created the chamber of secrets

-He wanted that only pureblood kids could go to the school

-Came from Fen




Hogwarts: The Teachers

Minerva McGonagall - Teacher in transfiguration

Professor Flitwick - Teacher in spells

Severus Snape - Teacher in defend against the dark arts, and Potions

Professor Slughorn - Teacher in Potions

Pomona Sprout - Teacher in Herbology

Professor Tredolly/Florens - Teacher in Divination

 Professor Hagrid – Magical creatures



The subjects

History of magic: This subject is a clean theory subject.

Herbology: Teach about magical plants, and how to use them.

Transfiguration: This is about changing thing in to other thing, also living creatures.

Defend against the dark arts: A subject that teaches you how you can defend your self. And you teach how to fight.

Spells: Here you learn about using spells in different of sorts.

Potions: You teach how to make different potions, and about the ingredients in it.

Astronomy: Teach about the universe.

Magical creatures: Teach to take care, and teach about the creatures.



The place were they play quidditch is 150 meters long, and 54 meters the other way, with a circle in the middle. They play with four balls. It is seven players on each team. It is the seeker, goal-guard, chaser and beaters. And it is many different brooms, with different brands. The most known at the fastest in the world! And Nimbus 200 is also a great broom; it can go 160 km/h, that is very fast. A new model of Nimbus is Nimbus 2001!





Spells: The most of them

Riddikulus: A spell who can make bogget to change its form, to something funny. That is because a bogget hate to be laugh at, if you laugh of it, then you can kill it!

Accio: This is a spell that can bring things to you!

Aquamenti: A spell that sprout out water.

Alohomora: A spell that can lock up locked doors. But not all doors can be unlocked by this spell.

Avada Kedavra: This is the killing curse. It has I green flash, when you use it. If you use this spell, you have a one way ticket to Azkaban prison.

Avis: A spell that shout out birds from the wand.

Imperio: This is one of the unforgivable curses; you can use it to make people do what you want. If you use it, you have a one way ticket to Azkaban.

Flagrate: This spell is used to draw with fire.

Expelliarmus: This is a spell that can take out anything out from the person you point on with your wand.

Reducto: This spell destroys everything it hits.

Finite incantatem: A spell that can end another curse.

Portus: A spell to make a port key.

Dissenduim: A spell that can open a secret way were the one-eyed with is.

Obliviate: It makes you forget things.

Expecto patronum: This spell makes a guardian. It is protecting you as long as you stay focus when you use it.

Impedimenta: This spell can paralyze thins, or make them slow.

Stupefy:  This is a spell that knock out a creature.

Lumos: This spell makes the tip of the wand send out a light.

Crucio: This is the Cruciatus curse, also one of the unforgivable curses. It tortures people.

Morsmordre: This spell is the dark mark, Lord voldemort`s mark.

Protego: This spell can make other spells don’t hit them.

Serpensortia: When you use this spell, a snake comes out from the wand.

Wingardium Leviosa: This spell makes objects fly.


Why I chose Harry Potter?

I chose Harry potter, because I really like the books, and red them in Norwegian, and some of them in English. I also think that J.K really has created a whole new “fantasy” world. There are many words in the Harry potter world. You can use a Harry potter dictionary on the internet; you just have to search on Google. Write “harry potter ordbok” Then it is one of the first links.


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